Thursday, 11 December 2014

[Install and Run] Backtrack On Android



  1. A Rooted  Device [ Root Simple Android Phone Without Pc ]
  2. Backtrack ARM [ Download ]
  3. BusyBox [ Download ]
  4. Android Terminal and 5. android VNC
  5. If you are using PC then you need 7zip for extraction otherwise you can use zarchiver on you android phone. [ Download ]

Step to Install and Run Backtrack On Android

First of all extract the BT5-GNOME-ARM.7z. and copy the “BT5” folder and then put in your phone’s root directory. Here mine phone is /sdcard. The root directory is different for different mobile devices.
  1. Now install all the above apps Busybox, Android Terminal, Android Vnc.
  2. After installing BusyBox application open it and wait until it finish loading and then click on Smart install.
  3. Now open the android terminal and type the following command: su cd /sdcard/BT5 sh bootbt

    NOTE :-
    When you type su in terminal it will ask you for super user request and you have to tap on Grant.
  4. After this, type the following commands in terminal. export USER=root
  5. After entering vncpasswd the terminal will ask you to enter password. Enter the desired password and hit enter.
  6. Now type the following commands. tightvncserver -geometry 1280×720
  7. The terminal emulator will creates the localhost to connect it to VNC server. Now note the localhost port marked red below. Now minimize the terminal emulator.
  8. Open the android VNC and type the following settings.
Nickname : BT5
Password : your password here which you entered in terminal (step no.6)
Address : localhost
Port : 5906
NOTE : Make sure that your localhost’s port matches with terminal’s localhost. Here mine New ‘X’ desktop is localhost:6. Your may be different. So, in VNC type Port 590X where the “X” is the localhost in android terminal.
That’s it now just tap on connect to run the Backtrack on your android. So in this way you sucessfully install and run backtrack 5 on android.

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